Dr. Kevin Harreld Discusses Shoulder Replacement Advances [Video]

Dr. Kevin Harreld Discusses Shoulder Replacement Advances [Video]

Dr. Kevin Harreld Discusses Shoulder Replacement Advances [Video]

Is an injury or pain in your joints causing you to not fully experience life? At KentuckyOne Health, minimally invasive joint replacement procedures are being used every day to help patients begin moving again.

In this HealthBreak, hear from Dr. Kevin Harreld as he discusses new procedures to provide relief from shoulder pain.

Shoulder Replacement Video Transcript


When shoulder arthritis is advance, Medical Center Jewish East offers several new options in shoulder replacement procedures. Dr. Kevin Harreld explains.


Kevin Harreld, MD – Orthopedic Surgery


We have options that are patient specific, so we use guides now which can allow us to really implant our components with pinpoint accuracy for each patient. And we have bone-preserving stimulus components. We have components now where we can 3D-print a model of a patient’s scapula and get a designed implant.

All these options offer significant pain relief.

Now we are able to offer outpatient shoulder replacement, even going home the same day or staying 23 hours. We’re offering those at Medical Center Jewish East. We have patients who go back to all types of sporting activities.

Find more information about shoulder replacement surgery at KentuckyOne Health.

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Need Orthopedic Care? Go East

Need Orthopedic Care? Go East

Kentuckiana has a new home for musculoskeletal medicine: the “Ortho Hub” at Medical Center Jewish East, part of KentuckyOne Health.

Staffed by four full-time orthopedic surgeons, a physician assistant and two advanced practice registered nurses, the Ortho Hub is the region’s one-stop destination for bone and muscle care.

Dr. Kevin Harreld, Orthopedic Surgeon“Patients can have an office consultation, diagnostic imaging, surgery, postoperative care and their follow-up all in one beautiful, convenient facility,” said Kevin Harreld, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Medical Center Jewish East. “We can accommodate patients for same- and next-day appointments, as well as walk-ins.”


Everything From Shoulders to Toes


The Ortho Hub team cares for conditions affecting all areas of the musculoskeletal system, with special expertise in shoulder and elbow disorders as well as sports medicine. The orthopedic surgeons take a conservative approach to care that begins with nonsurgical treatments. If surgery is required, patients are in good hands.

“At the medical center, we have unbelievable nurses at patients’ bedsides and in the operating room,” Dr. Harreld said. “Our anesthesia providers offer the most up-to-date, ultrasound-guided nerve blocks to ease postoperative pain and expedite recovery. If patients need surgery, there’s no better place than Medical Center Jewish East.”

Big things are in store for the Ortho Hub’s future. Orthopedists are developing an outpatient joint replacement program that will feature total and partial knee replacements as well as bone-preserving total shoulder replacement. The program will offer patients a path back to the activities they love — a path back to themselves — free from the pain of arthritis.


Meet the Team


The staff of the Ortho Hub at Medical Center Jewish East, part of KentuckyOne Health, includes:

Convenience is a hallmark of the Ortho Hub at Medical Center Jewish East, part of KentuckyOne Health. Orthopedic surgeons and other providers on the team coordinate with a network of rehabilitation locations throughout Kentuckiana, allowing patients to have physical and occupational therapy close to where they live, work and play.

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