A Judge’s Journey of Healing

A Judge's Journey of Healing

A Judge's Journey of Healing

After surviving a devastating automobile accident, County District Judge Leigh Anne Stephens found healing at Saint Joseph Hospital, part of KentuckyOne Health.

On the evening of June 29, 2015, the life of Judge Stephens changed forever.

“My cousin and I were in the car driving down a two-lane road with my dogs when a driver came flying around the curve,” Judge Stephens said. “A mountain was on one side and a river on the other, so there was nowhere to go. At 7:28 p.m., a man who had been in my courtroom once for drunk driving hit my car head on, killing himself and one of my dogs, Judge Butterscotch.”

The Impact of the Accident

Though Judge Stephens, her cousin and one of her dogs survived the collision, they required serious medical intervention from the closest medical facility, Appalachian Regional Hospital.

Judge Stephens had a broken left leg and shattered heel bone. But that wasn’t the full extent of the consequences the accident would have on her health. She later developed an infection from her injuries and sought treatment at Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington.

With the support of Frank Burke, MD, with the Saint Joseph Wound Center and board-certified foot and ankle surgery specialist Bradford Fine, DPM, Judge Stephens underwent a robust regimen of treatments to manage the infection. The team administered antibiotics, performed surgery and ultimately had to amputate her left foot.

“I look back on that time, and I think that they knew I was going to eventually lose the foot. But their first priority was to save my life,” Judge Stephens said. “I have never felt so cared for, loved and encouraged.”

Healing and Hope

Following the amputation, Judge Stephens received hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Saint Joseph Wound Center and has been steadily adjusting to a series of prosthetics. The course of treatment she received has been boosted by the faith-filled friendships she cultivated at Saint Joseph Hospital.

“Having people around to share faith and pray with me was the best possible scenario,” Judge Stephens said. “The doctors and nurses saved my life and healed my spirit. I may have lost my foot, but I am so very blessed.”

This article originally appeared in the 2017 Summer edition of One Health Magazine. Sign up for your free subscription.

Your Support Makes All the Difference

Grateful patients and families are among the largest supporters of the mission of Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation. Have the dedicated providers at your local hospital made a difference in your life? Giving back can make a big difference in the lives of others.

Share your story or make a donation of your time or money to support the life-saving work and rehabilitation at Saint Joseph Hospital.

Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation Receives Funding for Total Health Roadmap Initiative

Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation Receives Funding for Total Health Roadmap Initiative

Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation Receives Funding for Total Health Roadmap Initiative

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and CHI’s Mission & Ministry Fund have awarded $1,124,240 in grant funding to Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation in support of a “Total Health Roadmap” initiative.

This pilot project, spanning two and a half years, will address health-related social needs by implementing a screening tool in three physician practices located in Berea and London. Frontline staff members, known as Community Health Workers, will provide navigational services to patients identified as having unmet basic human needs (housing, food security, childcare, transportation and behavioral health services) to better connect them with community resources.

Total Health Road Map Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers possess a special understanding of the community served – often living in the same neighborhood as the patients – and are able to bridge communication and cultural gaps common between underserved patients and clinical staff which results in better health outcomes.

This project is led by Neva Francis, Vice President of Healthy Communities, and Lois Justice, project manager for KentuckyOne Health.

The Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation is focused on the needs of KentuckyOne Health’s programs and services in Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding communities.

Looking for ways to help your local community? Join us on Saturday, October 14 for the Yes, Mamm! 5K which supports mammography screening and diagnostic services for the underinsured. Learn more and register today!

Digging for Yes, Mamm!

Digging for Yes, Mamm!

Digging for Yes, Mamm!

An innovative fundraising effort helps bring more cost-free mammograms to the community.

To support the mission of cost-free mammograms through Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation’s Yes, Mamm! program, Lexington-based Link-Belt Excavators (LBX Company LLC) donated funds from auctioning off this year’s aptly named pink excavator, PINK-BELT. Every dollar raised helps fund local mammography services.

All proceeds donated by LBX went directly to the Yes, Mamm! program. Yes, Mamm! started in 2010 as a grassroots fundraising initiative specifically earmarked for breast imaging assistance.

The program’s goal is to cover the cost of mammograms for any woman or man in the area who cannot afford this lifesaving screening. Seven years later, Yes, Mamm! has funded more than 1,500 free mammograms.


The auction of PINK-BELT raised $38,750 for the Yes, Mamm! program, allowing hundreds of people to receive free screenings.

Watch the video below to learn more about the auction.

PINK-BELT also helped raise breast health awareness by touring the country throughout the year. The tour wrapped up in March at Conexpo, a construction show held in Las Vegas, where PINK-BELT was auctioned off to the highest bidder, Thompson Brothers Excavating in Vancouver, Washington.

Also held in Las Vegas that weekend was a national breast cancer consortium where the breast care team from Saint Joseph East, part of KentuckyOne Health, was in attendance to speak about the Yes, Mamm! program. Team members were also at Conexpo to promote breast cancer and mammography awareness and support the auction.

Yes, Mamm!

Save the date! The 2017 Yes, Mamm! 5K will take place Oct. 14. LBX will also join in supporting that annual fundraising event.

Ready to start training for the upcoming race? Join us for the start of our Couch to Yes, Mamm! training program beginning on Friday, August 4. Learn more and register today!

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2017 edition of One Health magazine. Sign up for your free subscription.