Candy for Caring

Candy for Caring

Making a difference has never been so sweet.

In 1996, Sister Margaret Regina Murphy was urged by what she can only define as God’s spirit to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from hunger, homelessness and sickness. To do so, Sister Margaret Regina turned to what she does best — making sweets.

As her candy became more popular and additional volunteers joined her team, Sister Margaret Regina’s dream eventually led to the creation of the Candy for Caring program.

Volunteers in the community make the candy — which includes everything from bourbon balls to almond brittle — by hand and sell it at various locations, including hospital lobbies and gift shops.

The funds made from candy sales directly help the underserved through the Jewish Hospital & Saint Mary’s Foundation. Profits have gone to programs such as:

  • Sisters of Charities Ministries
  • Dare to Care
  • Healing Place
  • Veteran organizations

If you’re looking for a tasty treat for yourself, or as a gift for a special occasion, there’s nothing sweeter than a gift that makes a true difference in the community.

To purchase candy or volunteer, contact the Candy House at 502.380.0064

This article originally appeared in the 2017 Summer edition of One Health Magazine. Sign up for your free subscription.