Jason Everson Discusses Sleep Studies at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville [Video]

Jason Everson Discusses Sleep Studies at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville

Are you or a loved one losing sleep? A sleep study can help to diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep conditions so you can begin treatment and be on your way to feeling more rested.

In this HealthBreak we hear from cardiopulmonary manager Jason Everson as he discusses the Sleep Center at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville.

Sleep Study Video Transcript


If you snore, have daytime sleepiness or stop breathing while asleep, Jewish Hospital Shelbyville can provide a sleep study to help determine the cause.

Jason Everson explains.

Jason Everson, Cardiopulmonary Manager


Patients will come in and they will spend the night with us. They will be connected to several monitors to monitor their airway, chest movement and their brainwaves. We watch their snoring. Their leg movement.

Using this data doctors can often diagnose sleep apnea and recommend a treatment, like continuous positive airway pressure.

We would put a mask on you of some sort: a full face mask, a nasal mask or what we call nasal pillows, and they would push air into your airways while you sleep to keep that airway open so you do not snore, have those interruptions and wake up.

You will not be as sleepy during the day and just feel more refreshed.

Preparing for a sleep study? View our list of frequently asked questions. For more information, call 502.647.4052.