Specialized Care for Moms and Babies

Specialized Care for Moms and Babies

Maternal-fetal medicine physicians connect mothers and babies with specialized diagnostics, treatment and care designed to keep them well during high-risk pregnancies.

When a woman is carrying a child, everything can feel like a mystery. Is the baby healthy? What about the mother? Does she need to do something specific to ensure that the pregnancy is a success?

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists with Women’s Hospital Saint Joseph East, part of KentuckyOne Health, are dedicated to taking some of the guesswork out of pregnancy by providing extra support for expectant moms and their babies.

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists Kristine Y. Lain, MD, and Tracy Prosen, MD, are trained to address complications that may impact pregnancy. They work closely with mothers who have histories of obstetric complications during other pregnancies, such as preeclampsia, pregnancy loss or preterm delivery, as well as working with women who have never experienced such things.

“We focus on anything that is outside of routine prenatal care for an uncomplicated pregnancy,” Dr. Lain said. “Our job is to ask, ‘Is there anything about you, your pregnancy, your babies or your history that causes us to change recommendations for your course of care?’”

Other Categories


The maternal-fetal medicine team has several key areas of expertise in addition to prior obstetric complications, including:

  • Routine fetal imaging, such as early pregnancy ultrasounds, routine anatomic surveys, and growth and fetal well-being ultrasounds
  • Maternal medical complications, such as autoimmune disorders, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or underlying seizure disorders
  • Fetal complications, including chromosome abnormalities, multiple gestations, fetal anomalies and problems with fetal growth

To manage each unique situation, the maternal-fetal medicine specialists make use of the Fetal Imaging Center at Women’s Hospital Saint Joseph East and collaborate with other physicians.

“We work with and serve as consultants for our general OB-GYNs to assist with patients who have complications,” Dr. Lain said. “Making sure patients are in the care of appropriate experts helps ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone.”

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