Touchdown-worthy Tailgate Fare

Touchdown-worthy Tailgate Fare

Snack smart on game day.

Whether you tailgate at the stadium before kickoff or invite friends over to watch from the comfort of your living room, one truth is universal — game day is all about the snacks.

For those trying to eat healthier, however, many traditional game day foods should be benched. Many favorites are packed with fat, sodium or sugar, or all three. While these may be fine in moderation, be careful about including too much in your diet.

Make Smart Swaps


Fortunately, most tailgate snacks can be swapped for a delicious but more health-conscious substitute. Avoid a fumble with these tips to balance nutrition with flavor and fun.

  • Replace greasy potato chips with kale or root vegetable chips.
  • Ditch the bun and offer guests lettuce wraps or a whole-wheat alternative.
  • Make turkey, salmon or black bean burgers instead of all-beef patties.
  • Set out hummus, fresh salsa or Greek yogurt with a mix of lemon juice and herbs in place of the traditional seven-layer dip.
  • Chill water flavored with fresh fruits or mint instead of serving sugar-packed soda.
  • Substitute butter-laden hot wings with grilled chicken kabobs marinated in buffalo sauce.
  • Cut vegetables and whole-wheat pitas for dipping.
  • Bake sweet potato fries in place of deep-frying french fries.
  • Fill a bowl with mixed nuts for a heart-healthy snack.

You don’t even have to give up dessert. Keep the grill fired up and roast fresh fruits like pineapples, strawberries, peaches and mangoes for a delicious smoky-sweet flavor.

This article originally appeared in the 2017 Fall edition of One Health Magazine. Sign up for your free subscription.