Is Weight-loss Surgery Right for You?

Is Weight-Loss Surgery Right For You?

Shedding pounds successfully may sometimes require more than a sensible diet and exercise plan. For people who do all the right things, but still can’t lose weight, bariatric surgery is an effective solution.

Experts with KentuckyOne Health have offered weight-loss surgery as a solution for more than 15 years. On average, patients who are good candidates for surgery reach their weight goals within a year of the procedure. However, surgery must be combined with other steps, such as dietary changes and exercise, to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

“Bariatric surgery changes a patient’s stomach,” said Karen Hillenmeyer, PA-C, director of the Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Saint Joseph East, part of KentuckyOne Health. “That change is a tool for each patient to use to help make healthier choices.”

Taking the First Step

Attending a free informational seminar is a great way to learn more about whether bariatric surgery is a good option for you. The seminar is an opportunity to meet bariatric surgeons and staff members and discuss possible next steps.

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“We believe it’s very important that patients’ medical and surgical history, as well as their behaviors, are carefully considered before determining which bariatric procedure is recommended,” Hillenmeyer said. “We take a team approach to addressing each individual’s needs and goals.”

During introductory seminars, participants learn about the histories of bariatric surgery, available procedures and the potential benefits. Those who choose to move forward with weight-loss surgery will attend educational classes, such as a nutrition information session and a presurgical seminar with certified bariatric nurses.

The teams at KentuckyOne Health’s weight-loss centers are committed to helping patients achieve their goals by making sure they are educated before the procedure and have the support they need to be successful afterward.

“Our program offers ongoing support and classes on a variety of important topics to keep patients informed at each phase of the process,” Hillenmeyer said. “Our goal is to treat each patient individually. We focus on their needs by providing education that helps them make the needed changes to achieve their goals.”

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Weight-loss surgery does more than trim your waistline. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, the procedure helps reduce the risk of a variety of comorbid conditions typically associated with obesity, including:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes

This article originally appeared in the 2017 Winter edition of One Health magazine. For more weight loss news and information, subscribe to One Health today.